Friday, January 1, 2016

Through My Kitchen Window

What do I see through my kitchen window today? Do I see snow? No. It's been unseasonably warm this year. My grass is still green and there are even some herbs in my herb pots that have not died back. I love it! This is my idea of the kind off winter I would like every year. I guess you can blame it on my birth and childhood in Africa.

I posted a picture of my backyard in the snow, anyway. It seemed more seasonal and I am sure that white stuff will be on the ground soon enough.

Happy New Year to us all! I have much to be thankful for this first day of the new year. 2015 was a year blessed of God. I and mine are well at the start of this new years, and that was not always the case in years gone by. And 2016 brings much to me in the way of my writing career.

I absolutely love writing! This is a new gift God has given me in recent years. I tell Him how much I love the gift He gave me. I take it out and play with it often. And love every minute of it. This year I am embarking on a new, fun writing experience--fiction writing! Well, I actually embarked on it in 2014 when I began a fiction manuscript based on my parents' lives That manuscript is almost complete and in the editing stages and I have discovered I love writing fiction. It feels like I am a child again playing pretend.

Yes, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up--a writer!

For more information on what 2016 holds for me in my writing endeavors, you can check out my other blog:

2016? Bring it on!


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