Friday, December 4, 2015

A Christmas Story

 My physician / writer father wrote a story once about the birth of Jesus from a physician’s point of view. He said he had been thinking about the Christmas story and realized the birth of Jesus was miraculous in so many ways besides just the virgin status of his mother. From a medical point of view so many things could have gone wrong with a birth of a newborn in a dirty stable, at that time in history to a teenage, virgin mother. This realization prompted him to write a story which he set in a play or skit format.

His story opened with a panel of doctors from across the ages sitting at a large celestial conference table discussing God’s plan for the birth of Jesus.

The 18th century physician who pioneered the need for basic antisepsis such as hand washing, Dr Semmelwies, voiced objections to the plan. “I have grave concerns about the location of the birth. A stable?  Why a stable?! It is such a dirty environment!”

Dr. Lister who further developed antiseptic practices agreed whole heartedly with his fellow panelist.

Dr. Casselman, the inventor of forceps, also had reservations. “The mother is so young and at that time in history, I had not invented forceps yet. A teenage pregnancy is wrought with potential problems, the narrow size of her not-yet-fully-developed hips, to name one. I feel there are risks in both the maternal age and the timing in history of the planned delivery.”

21st century Obstetrician, Dr. Edwards chimed in pointing out the poor nutritional status of most people at that time in history. “It’s not like they could purchase prenatal vitamins from their local grocery store! And there are no hospitals with neonatal intensive care units in case the baby has problems.”

And so it was agreed. The panel solemnly decided they would have to give a negative opinion of the planned birth. They could not in good conscious do otherwise. 

Just then, another physician entered the room and began to speak. This man had a long beard, long hair, and wore a tunic that came to just above his sandle-clad feet. “Gentlemen,” he said. "I am Dr. Luke. And I am here to report that the birth has occurred just as planned. Mother and child are both well and I've recorded it all in my charts.”


  1. Blessings at Christmas and the New Year to you and your wonderful family.

  2. Thank you so much! Blessings to you & yours also!