Monday, June 5, 2017

Through My Kitchen Window

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Maybe this post should actually be called through my back door window.

A mother bird made a nest in the plant that hangs on a stand right outside my back door. It has been so much fun to watch their daily progress and change. At first there were three eggs, then a day or two later, there were six.

I have observed that the mother bird sits on the nest all night and most of the morning. But by afternoon, especially late afternoon, she is nowhere to be found. I think she must know the eggs, and now baby birds, need her warmth in the cool night and morning hours but by the hot summer afternoons, they do not. Perhaps they are even better off without her warm body there in the heat of the afternoon. Whatever the reason, she leaves and I can peek in and see what's happening in the birds little world.

A few days ago, one egg hatched. By today there are four hatched, with one (the first one) significantly bigger than the other three.

What fun to see these tiny living creatures! And as I watch these baby birds hatch and then grow, I am reminded of God's tender love for them ...and me! To quote the old hymn:

"Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come,
Why should my heart be lonely, and long for heav’n and home,
When Jesus is my portion? My constant Friend is He:
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me..."