Monday, September 3, 2018

Fall is Coming!

The calendar rolled over into September the other day. Where did the summer go? My family still has a trip to the beach planned for next week so it will still feel like summer to me for another week. Nonetheless signs of fall are all around me.

Football season has started. I sometimes write about my highschool cheerleader days when I had the privilege of cheering for the WV AAA State Champions. That is an experience of a lifetime that not everyone gets to have. That team, the Bluefield Beavers of Bluefield, WV has a strong football tradition and a part of that tradition is its season opener against its cross-town rivalry the Graham G-men. Graham is the school in Bluefield VA, just across the state line from Bluefield High School. That rivalry is now recognized as one of the great American Rivalries and last week it was livestreamed by a Facebook page of the same name ("Great American Rivalries"). I sat at home and watched it via my computer and so enjoyed seeing my hometown stadium. My team won, btw. 

And not to be out done, Christian Academy of Louisville, where I work has a strong team this year too. Our claim to fame this year is a senior who is the leading contender for KY's "Mr. Football". His name is Milton Wright and he's a kid I have known for years. His sister graduated with my youngest son. She was chaplain of that class. Milton is a great kid. This level of achievement and attention couldn't happen to a nicer person. 

Another sign of fall are the leaves which are already beginning to change. Soo, the world will be ablaze with color and I will need to pull my sweaters and jackets out. 

Welcome Fall!