Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Strange and Interesting Bible Facts

Tell it not in Gath:Tell it not in Gath; weep not at all…” (Micah 1:10)  What in the world does this verse mean?! As I studied Micah, what I learned about this verse struck me as particularly poignant. The prophet Micah predicts an upcoming calamity upon the divided kingdom of Israel. Israel’s enemies lived in Gath. Micah’s words, “Tell it not in Gath” essentially meant, “Don’t let our enemies know of our impending calamity because they will rejoice.” This is sad to me. Micah was called by God to make a prophecy that he wished he did not have to make. Like every Israeli at the time, he especially didn’t want his enemies to know…Tell it not in Gath! 

The Mercy Seat, as described in Exodus 25:17-18, had gold cherubim on either side. Coincidently, Psalms 80:1 tells us that God is enthroned between the cherubim. (NASB, NIV, HCSB) So where do you think God’s throne is? By comparing these two verses, I am led to believe that God’s throne is on the Mercy Seat. To quote my pastor, Mark Janke; “When we come to God we are coming to the ‘Throne of Grace’, not the throne of merit.”

Nugget of Wisdom: The shortest book in the Old Testament is the book of Obadiah. It has only one chapter. Written by the prophet Obadiah whose name means “servant of the Lord” The book predicts the total destruction of the land of Edom; after which Israel will become a holy place & her people will return from exile. The last verse places the Lord as the King who will rule over all the land of Edom. 

Why do we give our testimonies? This may sound like a silly question, but where in the Bible are we told to do this? What about people who tell of terrible things they have done and how they have experienced God’s mercy and forgiveness? Do we find a basis for this type of testimony in the scripture? Yes, we do. In Ezekiel 12:16, God says,“But I shall spare a few of them from the sword, the famine, and the pestilence that they may tell all their abominations among the nations where they go, and may know that I am the lord.”

Momma said there’d be days like this. Have you ever felt like your work was all for naught? Like you have spent endless effort on a completely futile project? Well, take heart!  Even the prophets had days like that. In Ezekiel 2:3-4, God tells Ezekiel,“I am sending you…to a rebellious people. I am sending you to them who are stubborn and obstinate.” God continues in 3:7, “The people will not listen to you, since they are not willing to listen to me.” Yet, God’s mission for Ezekiel was, “But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not.” (Ezekiel 2:7) So, cheer up! You’re in good company!


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