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This devotion was published in The Secret Place (Judson Press) in their Fall 2011 issue and a reprint will be published in The Vision (Pentecostal Publishing House) next month.

A Simple Prayer
 Read: Ezra 8: 21-23

     “…to seek from Him a safe journey for us, our little ones, and our possessions.” Ezra 8: 21b

            A new school year was about to begin. In fact, it was to start the next day. I had been asked to lead in prayer on behalf of the parents of this Christian school at its before the school year prayer meeting. As I began to pray, Ezra’s prayer came into my mind.

            Ezra’s prayer is a very simple one, but it is perhaps my favorite in the entire Bible. Ezra confessed that he was afraid to ask the king for soldiers to protect his group on their journey because he had told the king that God’s hand was favorably disposed towards those who fear Him. So, instead, Ezra called upon the people to fast and pray.  Their prayer was for God’s protection over them, their little ones, and their possessions.  This prayer is so precious to me. It shows me that we can talk to God about everything in our lives–even our most basic needs.

            As I led in prayer that day, I recited this scripture. I reminded God that we, the parents who had gathered to pray were people who feared Him. And like Ezra, we were asking for safe journey through the upcoming school year for our “little ones”–however big they may have become!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, how thankful we are that your hand is favorably disposed towards those who fear you! Lord, thank you also for the privilege of bringing any and all of our concerns to you in prayer!

Thought for the Day: We can talk to God about anything!




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