Friday, November 8, 2013

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Kids say the Darndest Things – Part 2

My youngest son said some of the funniest things as a child I have ever heard! I have teased him and told him I am going to write a book about it – and maybe in fact I will!
I will from time to time re-tell one of them. This one happened when he was about five.

We were having hardwood floors installed in our house and my house was a mess! The old carpet was ripped up but the new floors were not down leaving exposed tack strips in every room. During this time, my friend Susan called me. The conversation went something like this:

 “Hey…umm…how are things are at you house? I mean, is everything ok?” This cautious question came from the other end of the phone. Confused, I replied, “We are all fine. Why?”

 My friend continued with a chuckle, “I called you yesterday and Ty answered. I asked if you were home and he said, ‘No, and you better talk fast ‘cause I have a lot to do!’ So I asked him what all he had to do and he said, ‘I have to give the dogs their food and water and I have to let them out of the house and back in…and I have to do all of that without stepping on needles which are everywhere!!’” Then my friend asked, “What needles are in your house?”

I quickly explained that my five year old had his older sister babysitting him; he was not left alone.  I also explained that what Ty called “needles” were actually exposed tack strips! We both laughed!

Susan continued chiding me, “I debated calling the Child Protection Services and telling them there was a child, apparently alone, doing hard labor in a house full of needles.”

And at the end of our conversation I realized how very thankful I am that God had blessed me with a friend knows me well enough to laugh with me!

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