Sunday, June 5, 2011

Through My Kitchen Window

My Father’s words of Wisdom

Last year at Mother’s Day and Father’s Day I wrote rather serious blogs about my parents, but this year I am choosing humor. In keeping with my Mother’s Day blog, “God’s word from my mother’s mouth”, I will share two humorous verses I learned from my father.

This first one was not his original thinking. It came from an elderly single missionary woman. Nevertheless, I wouldn't know the story had my father not told it to me. My dad told me about a missionary friend who when asked why she had never married always responded that her reasons were biblical. It comes from Romans 1: 13 in the New American Standard version where it says these words, “I would not have you – ignorant brethren…” Look it up! It really says that!

The other one is unique to my dad.

My dad had three daughters, I am the middle sister. At the breakfast table one morning my dad announced with a twinkle in his eye that he had found a Bible verse about him and his daughters. Then he opened his Bible to Proverbs 30:15 and read, “The leech has two daughters crying “Give, give!” He explained that a leech was a physician so that was him and then he read the verse again, “The leech has two daughters crying “Give, give!”

Well, my witty younger sister (the youngest of the three daughters) quickly responded with, “That verse isn’t about me! It says the leech has two daughters and it was written before I was born!”

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