Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Quotable Susan

Quotes from my friend Susan and other equally “famous” people.

Quotes about God

“It is not the level of spirituality that you can depend on, it is God and nothing less than God. For the work is God’s, and the call is God’s, and everything is summoned by Him and to His purposes; the whole scene, the whole mess, the whole package –our bravery, our cowardice, our strengths, and our weaknesses. The God who could take a murderer like Moses, an adulterer like David, and a traitor like Peter and make of them strong servants of His is a God who can redeem savage Indians using as the instruments of His peace a conglomeration of sinners who sometimes look like heroes and sometimes look like villains.”

-Elizabeth Elliott from her book “Through Gates of Splendor”

“I know I cannot trust in anything other than God…certainly not in not dying which is not guaranteed. Safety is not the basis of trust. Instead, our faith needs to be in God, inexplicable God, dangerous God, other than ourselves God, who does not order this world according to our will but knows more than we do and loves more deeply.”

-Dr. Jennifer Myhre (missionary to Uganda during the 2007 Ebola outbreak)

Susan’s response when I told her that I felt as if I was pestering God over and over with the same requests; “I know, I do it too. I say, ‘Ok God, Let’s just go over this one more time; you’re God and I am not. You can do something about my concerns and I can’t. So teach me to release it to you.”

-Susan Siami (friend)


  1. Do you really think God gets pestered? I think He loves it when we remind Him of His promises to us. He's not one bit impatient, unless we are operating in doubt. That might tick Him off a bit! HA!


  2. Yeah, actually I agree with you now but this exchange was before I researched prayer a bit more. A verse I found in my research was Isaiah 62:6b & 7, " who remind the Lord take no rest for yourselves & give HIm no rest..." :)