Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Quotable Susan

When my daughter was in high school she kept a “quote book”. This was a notebook in which she recorded quotes that she particularly liked. These quotes were from a variety of sources. As she read books, listened to lectures, or even heard her friends speak, she would write down in her “notebook/quote book” quotes that she thought were note worthy. I don’t know where this idea originated - whether it was my daughter’s idea, one of her friend’s, or even a cultural phenomenon at the time.

Whatever the source, I began to keep my own quote book. Like my daughter, I record quotes from many sources; from both famous people and not so famous people. I soon came to realize that one of the people I love to quote the most is my friend Susan. My friend has great insights into God and the world He created. I tease her and tell her that she is one of the greatest Christian orators of all time. She is just not as well known as, say Spurgeon for instance. In fact, sometimes she has an audience of only one –me! Susan is also one of the funniest people I know. God has blessed me greatly by placing her in my life.
This section of my blog, “The Quotable Susan” is a compilation of the quotes from my personal quote book. These include quotes from famous people as well as not so famous people. I have arranged the quotes topically. Occasionally, I have also written little anecdotes to explain the circumstances surrounding the quote. Some of the quotes are quite serious while others are humorous. I hope you enjoy them all.

Quotes about God

“The Lord reigns; let the earth rejoice.” Psalms 97:1

“God is God, He is not tame and domesticated like we sometimes (try to) make Him.”
- Edward T Welch from his book, “Depression a Stubborn Darkness”

“So many people think they can look at their lives; the things that impact them; the circumstances they are dealing with, and learn something about God. But actually the opposite is true. If we behold God and His glory as gleaned through His word, it will give us perspective and a greater understanding of our lives and our circumstances.”
- Susan Siami -my friend

“God rules and over rules!”
- Frank Ingram, friend

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