Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Two Edged Sword

God is still God!

“And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces; and they said, ‘The Lord He is God; the Lord He is God!”              
                                                              1st Kings 18:39 NAS

            The story of God sending fire from heaven in response to Elijah’s prayer illustrates God’s miraculous and amazing power. However, an understanding of the beliefs and customs at the time of the miracle yields an even greater appreciation of God’s power.

            The people at that time in history believed the different gods they worshipped had territories. Elijah was a prophet of Jehovah – the God of the Jews. There were many other gods that the people worshipped as well. Baal was one of these other gods. The miracle of Jehovah sending fire from heaven when Baal was not able to occurred in Baal’s territory. As amazing as this miracle may seem to us, if it had happened in Jehovah’s territory, the people at that time would not have thought it to be so spectacular because Jehovah was supposed to be able to perform miracles in His territory. But, in Baal’s territory, Baal should have more power; he should have been able to send the fire – not Jehovah. Yet, Baal couldn’t send the fire. Why? – because Jehovah is the true God. He can work anywhere. God is still God, even in Baal’s territory!

            This truth is the reason believers can walk bravely ahead even in dangerous situations. Believers can, for instance, serve as missionaries in countries where Christ is not worshipped and Christians are persecuted because God is still God, even there.

            Do we have territories in our lives where Christ is not Lord? Is our workplace a seemingly hostile environment? What about certain relationships in our lives? I take comfort in remembering that God is still God in these places and situations. Yes, God is still God – even in Baal’s territory!




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